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Just Moments After He Became A Father To Four, The Most Unexpected Tragedy Changed This Man’s Life Forever

What began as the happiest moment of this man’s life, turned into a devastating tragedy that no family could ever prepare for.

Carlos Morales kissed his wife, Erica, before she headed into surgery to deliver four healthy quadruplets, but this was the last moment he spent with his wife.


Erica went into labor at seven months, and doctors delivered her babies by C-section. The first-time parents were ecstatic to bring three girls and one boy into the world.

After the babies were delivered, doctors were faced with a challenge that no one ever anticipated. Erica went into hypovolemic shock, which is an emergency condition when a person loses a severe amount of blood. Erica passed away before she had a chance to hold her quadruplets in her arms.


Carlos told People magazine he went from having the best day of his life, to the worst. “How could this have happened? Carlos asked. “She was fine, and then she wasn’t. She was alive and then she was just gone.”


Carlos and Erica’s loved ones continue to grieve for Erica, but Carlos says the one thing to keep him going is the love for his new babies.


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  • disqus_2u2D311nt0

    God Bless you and your beautiful babies

  • Patti LeBlanc

    Hoping for strength and comfort as you journey on with your babies. They are a part of your wife that will live on.